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Our People Behind Success

Simran Arora

Business Development Manager

Vaibhav Verma

Team Lead

Ankush Thakur

Team Lead

Shashi Bhushan

Lead Developer
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Gitika Sethi

Project Manager

Why choosing BonAmi the smart idea?

Why settle for anything less when Bonami offers you an endless sky of possibilities? We, at Bonami, recognise the need of striking a balance between personal and professional life in order to achieve an individual’s full potential. Our International exposures mould our employees’ skills and provide them with an educational and interactive atmosphere that brings out the best in them. We strongly believe in offering a comfortable work environment and abundant opportunities.

Working with amazing people who love what they do is the only way to achieve greatness on a daily basis. That is the most effective way for us to ensure that we are the right fit for your projects.

Our Team Skills

Software Solutions
Project Management
Cloud Management
Legacy Software Modernization
Business Analysis

A Great Team for you

Approach Our Team Has Adopted for the Long Run of Your Project

1. Lean & Agile Delivery

2. Strategic Planning

3. Work Management for Teams

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