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Improve your business with a custom Blockchain solution



Designed to securely and transparently record transactional histories and asset transfers, Blockchain has become much more than a technobabble buzzword. And yet, few developers specialize in this emerging technology. BonAmi team of developers and engineers includes Blockchain experts who work with corporate clients to transform their information-sharing systems.

Blockchain Development

We’re experts in the development and application of Blockchain technologies, combining technical prowess with extensive business experience. If you need somebody to launch an ICO, do a workshop, create a public or private Blockchain, or anything else – look no further. This is our domain. Just about every industry can benefit from using Blockchain to ensure their digital transactions are secure, efficient, and traceable. BonAmi team can implement these capabilities in a variety of ways depending on your business’s unique needs.


We implement cryptographic technologies to your most sensitive processes to prevent data from being modified or compromised. We develop secure and reliable platforms for exchanging cryptocurrency with other digital currencies or legal tenders.

How Could We Help Your Company With Blockchain Development?

BonAmi provides Blockchain development and design services – our experienced team successfully delivered Blockchain projects. From discovery to implementation, we provide the right services to overcome your technical and business struggles.

Blockchain Problem Solution

We empower you to track products and their components from origin to consumer, identifying and mitigating risks before they become problems. When open source technology won’t cut it, we can implement a private Blockchain specifically for your organization. We can code and implement smart, self-enforcing contracts to protect your most critical transactions.


Our Approach

The Three Pillars of Blockchain Technology

The three main properties of Blockchain Technology which have helped it gain widespread acclaim are as follows:

* Decentralization

* Transparency

* Immutability

The Conclusion

The potential for added efficiency in share settlement makes a strong use case for blockchains in stock trading. When executed peer-to-peer, trade confirmations become almost instantaneous (as opposed to taking three days for clearance). Potentially, this means intermediaries — such as the clearing house, auditors and custodians — get removed from the process.

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