Build to develop deeply engaging workshops and classrooms centered on written assignments.

As the world is moving towards the e-learning platform, this project was addressed to me by one of my previous clients. I resolved his plethora of ideas going through his mind by creating an interactive platform where students can join, measure their performance to observe their performance analytics and can also write stories and assignments. The application is currently used by thousands of students and supervisors for online content writing classes

 The platform has various other features incorporated in, which are:

  • Critique writing.
  •  Creating a Virtual Classroom.
  •  One to one interactive room. 
  •  Enhancing the community by further addition of learners.
  •  Open discussion forums.
  •  Email assistance.

 From the technical perspective, the tools used are AngularJS, Bootstrap to develop a responsive web application, and Vue.js to develop the website. Front-end and Back-end were created using tools like Angular, Node, Java, and MongoDB.

  • Client : Monica
  • Services : E-learning
  • Project : Startup
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