Help desk software that creates better customer experiences for your business

The increasing customers’ calls and their solutions have led to the emergence of a serious problem for the call centers as well as companies in handling those calls and maintaining their records. VoicePing is one of its kind developmental solutions for those situations and problems. It gives us real-time visibility into what our team members are doing, instant participation in voice conversations, and transcribing and translating voice conversations. It has various incorporated features that help them to keep a record and provide ease of access to the company in handling their customers’ data and also hand in hand helps their customer care executive from the burden of handling those calls and maintaining their respective records. Various features include:

  • Visualization of working status
  • Transcribing and translating conversational voice by AI into text
  • Linkage function with other apps.
  • Predictive dialer
  • Screen sharing
  • Auto call recorder
  • Integrated call forwarding portal
  • Client : John
  • Services : Support Services
  • Project : Small Business
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