The #1 automated marketing tool for email database expansion

The coolest thing which we could do nowadays is sharing and uploading our pictures and videos online on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and numerous other virtual platforms. The aim of this project was to create and deploy a platform where the user could come up to have various kinds of light-boxes and incorporate them into their respective events where they like to, and use that platform to sync up with their social media platforms. This platform created a huge buzz among the users and thousands of venues were installed with Hotpoint lightboxes with millions of active users.

Various inside features of the platform include:

  • Video Processing.
  • Integrated video sharing platform.
  • ¬†Report generation.
  • Email assistance.

From the technical point of view, the tools that were used include Node, Serverless/Lambda, MongoDB for the development of back-end REST services, and Angular 6, HTML5, CSS3, PrimeNG for the development of responsive front-end.

  • Client : Oliver
  • Services : Media and Entertainment
  • Project : Large Sized Business
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