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As the automobile industry has increased its span many folds the increment in the fraud, forgery have also increased in the same amount. Nowadays people want their vehicles to be fully tested and error-free before purchasing even if it’s a new or used one and the sad part is that there are not many such platforms that provide a full-body scanning and checkup of our vehicle. Visual Threat provides a unique way of security to your vehicle, its features help people analyze their vehicle fully and check for the errors and make sure to correct them beforehand for a smooth experience. Features include:

  • VT Scan App.
  • Odometer fraud detection.
  • Used car detailed inspection.
  • Car health report.
  • Autonomous security testing.
  • USA-NCSAP(New car security assessment program).
  • Client : Rick
  • Services : Web Services
  • Project : Small Business
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