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What is Performance '95?
Performance '95 is a full-featured performance, analysis and control package for Windows 95 and Windows 98. Performance '95 provides full graphical displays of real-time CPU and RAM utilization for all programs and threads. Memory utilization is shown for private and shared address spaces. Performance '95 also reports on over a dozen different metrics for every running program, including program ID's, execution priorities, number of threads for each process, cumulative CPU time and total time running.

Performance '95 permits real-time, on-the-fly modification of execution priorities You can furthermore identify and stop any program on demand, including unwanted, runaway or background programs. And Performance '95 allows performance data to be logged to a file for later analysis. We even provide a macro to automatically format the data for your word processor.

What can Performance '95 do for you?
Most importantly, it will show users if their computer is running efficiently and whether or not it could benefit from a faster CPU or more RAM. Power users will be delighted with features like data logging, program stopping and changing execution priorities on the fly.
What do you need to run Performance '95?
Performance '95 requires Windows 95 or Windows 98 and works best with at least a 25 MHz 486 and 8MB RAM. The software requires 1MB hard disk space.
What do the critics say about Performance '95?
Here is what PC Computing Magazine had to say in its October 1998 issue...

"The best tool we've seen for tracking down CPU hogs is CPU Meter '95, part of the Performance '95 package from BonAmi Software. The graphical display tracks CPU and RAM usage; if a program or thread spins out of control, you can stop it with a few clicks.

Here is what Alex Cruickshank of PC Direct Magazine wrote in a December 1997 review:

"... Performance '95. This is a fascinating utility that provides detailed information on the way the CPU is being utilised, breaking down the processor cycles according to the tasks, programs and DLLs that are currently active. A smaller application called CPU Meter 95 is also supplied, allows you to keep tabs on processor usage all the time."

Here are some excerpts from the March 1996 issue of PC Today Magazine...

"...we recommend it without reservation..."

"Many utilities packages attempt to do too much, so it's refreshing whever a program does one thing extraordinarily well. This is the case with BonAmi's Performance '95 While it is limited in scope, users will definitely appreciate it, particularly those that require accurate and detailed information..."

"...Performance '95 is very accurate."

"Of course, the first thing that users will notice about Performance is the excellent user interface, which shines particularly when compared to older utilities. The information screen is well designed, and the toolbar includes most important functions. Though the online documentation is good, BonAmi didn't skimp on the written manual, including detailed descriptions of how the program works."

"Performance '95 is easy to use and works well...we recommend it without reservation..."

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