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What is CPU Monitor Plus?
CPU Monitor Plus is your complete OS/2 Performance Monitor and Analysis package. Use CPU Monitor Plus to continuously display real-time CPU, RAM, Disk, Interrupt and COM port activity. Exactly diagnose poorly running systems. Dynamically control program execution. CPU Monitor Plus provides nearly 100 different system metrics and ratio options in both predefined and easily configured displays.

CPU Monitor Plus also offers many features to dynamically control your OS/2 environment. Start, stop and suspend programs. Set execution priorities. Monitor virtual memory, swap file and page fault rates. Even log performance data to output files for later analysis.

CPU Monitor Plus runs under all versions of OS/2.

What can CPU Monitor Plus do for you?
Most importantly, it will show users if their computer is running efficiently and whether or not it could benefit from a faster CPU or more RAM. Power users will be delighted with features like data logging, program stopping and changing execution priorities on the fly.
What do you need to run CPU Monitor Plus?
CPU Monitor Plus requires OS/2 version 1.2 and later and works best with at least a 25 MHz 486 and 8MB RAM. The software requires 1MB hard disk space.

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